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Saint Fiachre's Gardener is a systemless / levelless adventure designed to work as a side-quest event. This pamphlet contains the basic structure and descriptions to develop the story as the party discovers the secret of St. Fiachre´s church. 

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A really fun idea. I'm looking forward to dropping it into my campaign in the next session or two!

Thanks Michael. Let me know how it does with your group

My players bumped into this church last night as part of our In the Light of a Ghost Star campaign, and they 1) were very freaked out 2) almost died 3) loved the shit out of it. The manuscript they found helped to further unravel the ongoing mystery of the ancient space whales, too! Thanks for the rad side-quest!

This is great! I'm glad your group enjoyed it!
I designed this as a sort of narrative hook with few landmarks along the way to drive the whole thing into an autonomous conclusion. So a lot of the credit goes to the DM, filling in or removing what does not work. Did you have to do much of the latter to do to make it work in your campaing? 


I had to do a bit of it. For instance, the party saw the warning letter hastily carved into a sign along the path they were travelling, and they found the church along the way. I don't mind having to get a bit creative about things. Sometimes it's better when everything isn't exactly spelled out and defined to the letter.